Bible Story Coloring Book

Image of Bible Story Coloring BookAbsolutely the best Bible story themed coloring book – twelve awesome illustrations to color, a brief description of each picture’s context and where to find it in the Bible. These illustration are realistic and detailed. Both kids and adults will enjoy the dynamic and dramatic scenes in Bible Story Coloring Pages.



Watch the video and see what’s inside this coloring book.

Suggested coloring materials

I recommend using color pencils, “twistable” crayons, pens and fine point markers to color the illustrations in Bible Story Coloring Pages. Wide crayons are less suitable since some of the illustrations include fine detail.

Featured Bible Heroes

Bible Story Coloring Pages feature a number of monumental biblical figures. From the Old Testament you’ll see Adam, Eve, Moses, Samson, and King David. From the New Testament; Jesus, Paul and Doubting Thomas along with the other disciples (minus Judas). Also included is an image of the woman from the Book of Revelations.

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