Social Media Discrimination – the new second class citizens

Sign designating the left and the right to use separate drinking fountains to communicate both discrimination and the growing segregation of the political spectrum
The new “second-class citizen”.

Social Engineering Media

This editorial cartoon was inspired by the discriminatory policies some tech companies have instituted for the purpose of suppressing diversity-of-thought.

Youtubers with huge audiences are having their videos demonetized for opinions right of center.

Twitter users suspect foul play as well. Accounts are suspended because to protect feelings. What ever happened to “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. We are all big boys and girls and can police our own accounts with tools like “block” and “mute”.

Facebook . . .well we all know that lizard in human skin named Zuckerburg is trying to socially engineer himself into a position of political power.

Google fired an employee for having a legitimate opinions about gender that are not outside of the cultural norms developed over centuries or the biological norms developed over millenia.

Second Class Citizens to the Right

These actions by tech companies are an attempt to create a second class citizenry by limiting or threatening to limit access to communication platforms. Silencing opinions different than one’s own is common in history, but against traditional American values that protect ALL speech and encourage the free, civil and open exchange of ideas.