Trump On The Fence

Globalists vs. Nationalists in the Trump Era

No one ever says ‘governing is simple”, but Donald Trump did run on a simple message -America First. However, many long time statesmen in government have a globalist world view and Trump must work with these people, as-well-as those of his own persuasion.

Trump balances on a fence between globalists and nationalists
On The Fence

Neo -conservatives and war hawks are pulling Trump into conflict, focusing his attention on a foreign policy that was once foreign to him having campaigned on pulling out of Afghanistan.

The democrats in the family (Ivanka and Jared) seem content to tag along with the globalists in the White House as well, being encumbered by the cosmopolitan perspective that doesn’t infect Trump, despite his lifetime of living a luxurious lifestyle.

Trump’s ardent nationalist supporters are solid but worry about Trumps resolve in the face of inter-party opposition. Trump is a deal maker and will have to give a little to get any legislative agenda through Congress but in doing so he risks confusing and alienating many of his most vocal backers.

Steve Bannon, believed to be in lock-step with Trump at one time, is now gone, at least from the White House. If you are keeping score that’s one for the globalists. That’s not to say Bannon is off the team because he’s not. He is simply taking the fight to a turf he understands best – the Media bubble.

The litmus test for this battle in the Republican party is ‘The Wall’. If it is built it will mark a sea change in the American psyche or rather a return to the early American perspective of protectionism that has hidden in the shadows since WWII.